Wildflowers of Andalucía: Bloomin´ lovely!

 Particularly in spring and early summer, the hills around the Axarquía are a riot of colour, with a rich variety of beautiful wild flowers.

The blues and purples of the wild rosemary and lavender contrast with the golden yellow of the broom and gorse, which in turn make way for the pink Convulvulus and purple Vipers Bugloss.   There are many varieties of wild Mediterranean orchids to be found, as well as irises, gladioli, stunning red poppies and pink and purple wild Sweet Peas.

The wild flowers reach their climax at this time of year in early May, as the oleanders on the hillsides and in the river beds signal the arrival of summer.

If you want to see wild flowers at their best, head off into the Parque Natural de Las Sierras de Tejeda y Almijara in the Axarquía.

Don´t forget to take your camera!

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28 thoughts on “Wildflowers of Andalucía: Bloomin´ lovely!

  1. Oh wow, that’s lovely! We have our wild flower season in August – will post some pics when that happens…in the mean time, have you added any new teddies to the collection?

  2. Reminds me of the time I took Ma and Papa – for us all the hillsides and vast plains of poppies were a revelation. I’ve never been there when the meadows were such a riot as your first shot – it looks more like potpourri than fragrant hay – just imagine how delicious it must be for the animals. Beautiful post Marianne. 🙂

    • I’m glad to evoke such precious memories for you Meredith and I enjoyed reading about the plains of poppies. What a sight! I’ve seen such fields here (of just poppies), but that’s more unusual to see.

      Thanks for your kind comment, as always 🙂

  3. Oh gosh I love those wildflowers….So beautiful to see wild rosemary and wild lavender 😀 We haven’t had much rain the past few years to have such a profusion of wildflowers on our hillsides.

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