East of Málaga: Old men on benches

Old men sitting on a bench - Competa, Spain

Old men on bench - Torrox Costa, Spain

Sometimes they will be wearing cardigans.   Often they have on their hats.

Sometimes they sit in the shade and other times in the sun (depending on the time of year).

One thing´s for sure – if there´s a bench in one of the white villages of Andalucíathere will be some old men sitting on it!

Bless ´em!

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56 thoughts on “East of Málaga: Old men on benches

    • I only took these photos the other day, so most still need their cardigans, but in the heat of the summer it’s strictly shirt-sleeves only.

      It’s lovely to see them get together though 🙂

      Thanks for visiting and for taking the trouble to comment. Much appreciated.

  1. This is definitely a nation wide Spanish/European thing. I would see men doing this in Madrid too. 🙂 It’s great to see old men out and about socializing with friends. You never see this in America–all the old men are relegated to nursing homes which is kind of sad. I also used to feel weirded out by the constant staring–then I realized everybody in Spain stares at everyone.

  2. Same here too, but actually the women also. I forget who it was, but if it was someone we both know they will see this, on whose blog I left a comment, because she’d visited Tenerife, and said that the granmas sitting around made her nervous. They are a pretty sour-faced lot to be fair, but it’s just that they’re not a smiley race, underneath they’re generally lovely & generous.

    Do you remember the Pete & Dud sketches on tv in the 60s? Always think of that when I see them!

    Oh and the first pic? I figure the young guys are just standing around waiting to get old and sit on a bench!

    • That’s interesting, Linda. Do the ladies have separate benches, or do they mix in with the men? My guess is that they would be apart! I can understand that a bench of grannies would make someone nervous!

  3. Aw… you know, I really like this communal bench sitting they’ve got going on there. Older men often find it much harder than women to keep their net of social contacts intact, never mind forging new ones. I’m convinced it’s one of the main reasons why they pop their clogs a lot earlier than us…

    • It wouldn’t be a Spanish town or village without the old men on the benches 🙂

      Actually, I hadn’t thought about that aspect of it. You’re probably right. We know of an older English guy who goes to sit on the benches with the Spanish guys. He can’t speak much Spanish, but they totally accept him being there – he’s been doing it for years 🙂

  4. yes, bless them, how fortunate to be able to sit with friends in the sun 🙂 i have some matching photos i took of women on benches in barcelona ….. yes i did think the men might be watching the younger ones … who are standing up all young and cocky!

    • Yes, getting out of the house into the sunshine, meeting up with friends, to watch the world go by is much better than sitting at home alone.

      Did you notice them watching the group of younger guys in my first photo? 🙂

    • AAwwwww – well, if they are not sitting on benches, they are standing supervising any younger guys (then them) they see, doing their jobs – building etc 🙂

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