English Language Publications for FREE!

Whilst you are visiting any town or village throughout the Axarquía region, a selection of English language newspapers and magazines is available for you to collect, free of charge.

These publications, including Spanish Insight, SolTalk, Streetwise, Marketplace, Grapevine, Sentinella and Euro Weekly are useful for both tourists and residents alike.  Each contains information about ‘what’s on’ in the local area as well as some well-written articles on a wide range of topics, recipes and items for sale – including properties.  (You can CLICK on the links to be taken to the online versions of the publications).

Sadly, in order to make-ends-meet with their budgets, these magazines contain more advertisements and fewer articles as time goes by, but I guess that happens round the world.

You will find these free magazines in many estate agents, bars, cafes and other such popular places.

How do you like to discover what’s happening in your local area?

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15 thoughts on “English Language Publications for FREE!

    • It’s just better if the balance is right. I feel that these publications are 80%+ adverts and only 20% articles. Still, they ARE free, so I shouldn’t grumble – and I have had some great recipes from them, over the years 🙂

  1. There is no chance of finding an English magazine in Italy, Sometimes the Italian ones will have a page that they have translated using a blind half wit of a man.

    I sit and giggle through the article

      • I think the Expats live in Florence, Milan and Rome, all 20 of them. In the past 5 years I have met 4 British Expats, who live in Monferrato. Perhaps all the Expats are sat in their back gardens getting drunk on the local wine.

        There is a website called http://britishexpats.com/forum/ It is quiet funny at times. People join and then write, I am a 19 year old hairdresser, I want to live in Italy but I don’t speak Italian. Does anyone know of an English Hairdresser shop where I might find work?

        Or I want to move to Italy, maybe near the Expat community, will someone please tell me where it is. The answer is normally Blackpool. Or even better still, can I come to Italy and claim unemployment benefit and will the council give me a house. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        So no I am the only mad Englishman in these parts.

  2. Love the idea of free English publications. When I come across such a publication here I treasure it, since I had to travel to the city to get any English publications.

  3. Hi Marianne! I was just reading Jo’s post about you visiting her!!!!!!!!!! That is lovely dear! I felt so happy there is friendship evolving from this cyber company!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. In our versions, I’ve found that for once the ads are a benefit, telling me about new businesses or products that might be helpful or interesting – that ‘xyz’ for instance is importing flyscreen, or that a new Australian/Canadian trained dentist has returned to the island and opened a practiace. Often the ads are more interesting than the articles themselves!

    • Well, yes, that’s true!

      It’s always good to find new businesses – but, in the main, I find them a bit of a bore. Love the recipes and articles though 🙂

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