Lily pond at Jardin Concepcion, Malaga

Everywhere we go at this time of year, we are all surrounded by the excesses of Christmas – whether it’s things you could buy as gifts for everyone you know,  luxury food items you may or may not eat, and electrical goods you only just found out you couldn’t live without!   Christmas as it used to be has been largely hi-jacked by consumerism of the worst kind.  People are encouraged to spend more and more money on gifts each year, whilst others are still paying off debt accumulated from last Christmas.  But, tell me this – can you even remember all the gifts you gave last year, let alone recall the ones you received?  I know I can’t.

Given the hectic nature of our lives, it’s easy to overlook the little things that make it all worthwhile.   With this in mind, for December’s CBBH Photo Challenge I have decided to focus my attention on SIMPLE PLEASURES  – or,  put another way, finding delight in everyday things.

So, what does it for you?

  • Toast with peanut butter or jam?
  • Squishing mud between your toes?  (If you´re feeling the pinch right now, this is the ideal discount spa treatment – but make sure it’s mud you are walking in!)
  • Hearing a baby’s laughter(I guarantee you can´t watch this without smiling or laughing.  OH, go on, you know you want to!)

Raindrops pooling on a lime tree leaf

Raindrops pooling on the leaf of a lime tree after a long dry, hot summer.

Goat on a hillside outside Cómpeta, Andalucía, Spain

The bleating of a goat on a nearby hillside, as she waits for milking time.

El Sardinero Beach, Santander, Spain

Walking along a beautiful,  almost deserted beach and dipping your toes in the water.

This month´s CBBH Featured Blogs:

** EllaDee at elladee_words allows us a sneak peak into her everyday life in Sydney, Australia  where she aims to escape from her “proper” desk and computer-centred day job in the city, and live more simply at her house in a tiny country village, 6 hours drive up the coast.

I was fascinated by Ella’s  recent post  All’s Well that Ends Well – Matthias and Eupham where she talks about what many Australian’s consider family history gold – convicts.  Her writing style makes for easy reading – yet once she’s got you – you’re hooked!  Why not HOP over there and say G’Day to EllaDee right away?

** My second choice for this month is a very friendly blog with great photos  – The Sophomore Slump.    Rommel loves to share his adventures around the globe and his photographs are what really make his posts come alive.  What I particularly like is that he regularly features links to blogs he enjoys himself – and we all love to share a little Blog Love, don’t we?

Rommel recently posted about his trip to Las Vagas with friends, which I’m sure you would enjoy.  He is always quick to leave an encouraging, relevant comment, so why not pop over and leave a message for him?

So that´s the CBBH Photo Challenge for December, folks!

Remember, all you have to do is post your entry by the end of the monthlink back to this blog and, most importantly,  don´t forget to add links to any two blogs that you´ve commented on during the past month, so that we can all HOP OVER and have a look.  Make sure you FOLLOW THIS BLOG so you don´t miss next month´s exciting challenge!

For more information on how the CBBH Photo Challenge works click here.

I hope everyone taking part enjoys the exposure the CBBH Photo Challenge offers to featured blogs and, who knows, you may end up finding a new favourite!  I´m looking forward to seeing what you consider to be your SIMPLE PLEASURES.

[CBBH logo Image credit: (cc) Mostly Dans]

57 thoughts on “CBBH Challenge: SIMPLE PLEASURES

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    • I really like this theme too – I will probably try to bring it up in one way or another quite often (if I can!).

      How romantic that you hold hands with your hubby as you take your morning constitution. Wonderful!

      Thanks for sharing the links – two great ones for us to visit!

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    • OH I did enjoy them, very much, Julie – especially the double rainbow and the baby gecko!

      You are such a wonderful advert for Portugal 🙂

      Thanks for sharing two links with us. There is always such a lot to learn from other people, isn’t there?

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    • First of all – belated Anniversary wishes. It looks as though you all had a wonderful time at Gerry’s Grill.

      I really enjoyed looking at your photos and leaning about your special occasion. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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  7. I would love to have a goat for a friend…well marianne, here is my effort for this month. A little out of the box [but you expect that of me right ?]…yet hopefully still within the parameters os ‘simple pleasures’

    • Another wonderful entry for this month’s challenge, Sylvia.

      What a wonderful life you have, enjoying your Simple Pleasures. I particularly like the photo of the mother duck and her chicks, and the one of you enjoying the sunset.

      I’ll just HOP over and have a look at the links you have shared, thanks.

      Very well done!

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  11. Thank you so much for the mention & link… simple pleasures are the only ones I care for these days… your images hit the heart of that. I also slipped over to The Sophomore Slump and enjoyed a little vicarious travel 🙂

  12. Love your goat photo Marianne – my grandmother had a herd of goats that I used to help milk. Simple pleasures are all to do with our senses so I chose a photograph for each of the senses.

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  14. Great post, Marianne, and a wonderful idea for the challenge. I like with your responses and, too, take pleasure noticing them. For me, I love the sound and aroma of something simmering on the stove. Whether at my home or someone else’s, good things are almost certain to follow. 🙂

  15. Great idea, Marianne. I much prefer the pleasure I get from the little things in life and resent Christmas for many reasons, but mainly the pointless exchange of useless gifts. I’m looking forward to this challenge 🙂

  16. Marianne, I want to tell you how I carry on with Christmas consumerism. Since many years ago, when I understood what happen to my gifts (sometimes they even have come back to me recycled), I don’t give anymore gift to adults or people richer than I am and I don’t want to receive them either. I make a donation to places that take care of unfortunate children and that is it. To my strict family, I ask what is their wish and that is what they get, then I give myself a gift. Let’s say I am invited to a Christmas party, I bring a bottle of bubbles, or if I visit someone during this time of the year, I take food I make, biscotti, chocolate truffles, breads, home-made pasta and so on. The old fashion way is much better for me.

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