Travel theme: Circles

What is it?

Here’s my entry to this week’s Travel Theme, but with a twist!

Can you guess what this photo is all about?

Edited later to add: 

OK, I’ve teased you for long enough!  As most have you have correctly guessed, the photo was taken inside a bullring.  This particular one is in the city of Antequera, in the  province of Málaga.

What I particularly wanted to show you was the burladero (from the Spanish burlar: to evade, to dodge).   In regular places around the ring, the wall is pushed outwards leaving splits that allow the bullfighter to take refuge, but which are too narrow for the bull.

The bullring in Antequera dates from 1848 and was rebuilt in 1984 in a style that reflects the city’s diverse architectural influences.  It is said to be one of the most beautiful in Spain.


Image credit: cc Wikipedia

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65 thoughts on “Travel theme: Circles

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    • I’m away from home at the moment, Serena – in Australia! So I’m afraid a meet up with tapas will have to wait for another time. Would love to meet up soon though 🙂

  2. I’m not one for bull fighting, but it certainly is a manifestation of Spanish spirit and tradition and even, as you show, architecture. But I’d never heard of burladors — so that’s how it’s done!

    • I’ve visited a few bull-rings but only when they’re empty. The architecture is usually superb.

      Yes, the burladors are the hidey-holes for the matadors – in case of need!

  3. What amazing colours! I’m not a fan of bullfighting (in fact my brother-in-law went to one while he was in Spain and ended up fainting!) but I love the way the matadors dress 😉

  4. Since I was a little girl and our family would go to Spain on holidays, I’ve always wanted to see a bull fight. It’s an odd thing for a little girl to be interested in, I suppose, especially as I was only six when we moved from Europe to Canada! Have you seen a bull fight?

  5. ah, I did not know that about the burladeros. the things I learn from you my friend 😉 I went to my one and only bullfight when I lived in Madrid as a junior in college. When we were planning our two week trip in 2010 I asked hubby if he wanted to see a bullfight and although it would have been a cultural experience, he decided he didn’t want to see one. Said he read enough about them in Hemingway novels. I’m glad I went all those years ago, but once was enough, thank you. Fabulous photos tho!!

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  7. I’m going to pretend that it’s gladiatorial ring only and that the bulls watch as stupid people tackle one another? Or maybe it’s an elaborate puppet stage with lots and lots of seating?

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