I need a favour: Can you help me?

Looking at the coast, east of Málaga, Spain

You´ve told me many times in the comment section that you enjoy reading all about my part of the world. 

Well, now´s your chance to prove it!

ExpatsBlog.com trawl the net dishing out awards to the very best expat bloggers they can find for each country.  They have gold, silver, bronze and runner up awards for the Top 5 blogs in each country. The competition is in the assessment stage right now, so I need your help (and votes!)

Can you help East of Málaga become an Expat Blog Winner?

 Here´s how:

Click on THIS LINK

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page you have just clicked on.
  2. Vote by leaving a review about East of Málaga blog. Be nice 🙂
  3. Share this post with your friends and help me get more votes.
  4. Let me know you have voted/reviewed, in my comment section below.

Thank you for your help and continuing support – YOU GUYS ROCK!

Vote for East of Málaga and then spread the word!

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