Just because ….

Oranges almost ripe Oct 31st, southern Spain

The cooler, wet weather we have been having recently is turning the oranges from green to orange 🙂

*** Don´t forget today´s your last chance to enter this month´s CBBH Photo Challenge: WINDOWS. ***

21 thoughts on “Just because ….

  1. Over in Portugal the oranges now have that orange tinge, but there is a field of really early oranges almost ready for picking, sadly for me they are not mine and are imprisoned by a high wire fence, so no scrumping.

    • AAwww that´s a shame.

      The variety of orange I have photographed is called Navelina, and some of the fruit on the tree is more coloured than this one. They are on the points of being ready to eat. We also have varieties called Washington and Navelate which produce their orange oranges a bit later. That way from this time of year, we have plenty of oranges for the next few months 🙂

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