Ready now: The Green, Green Grapes of Home!

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about our visit to the white village of Cómpeta for the  Night of  Wine (Noche del Vino).

Whilst we were there, I noticed a very interesting stall that had lots of local produce for sale.  There were not only locally-grown grapes and pasas (grapes left out in the sun to shrivel and sweeten on drying beds), but also an old vine root on display along with the bottled Moscatel wine available in sweet, semi-sweet and dry varieties.

Cómpeta grapes and old vine root


Grapes dried out in the sun, known as pasas


Sweet Moscatel wine for sale in Cómpeta

Best of all, look what I´ve just picked from the vines on our land!  In the photograph below, you can see that the bunch of grapes on the left is pretty much as you might imagine them to look, but the one on the right has grapes that have started to go brown as they shrivel and sweeten in the sun.

Some people might say that these are best of all to eat right now.   Not me, of course!  😉

Just-picked grapes from our own vines


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27 thoughts on “Ready now: The Green, Green Grapes of Home!

  1. I love to go to outdoor markets and get local produce. It is always very fresh.
    These look like they were just picked. I can just imagine the wonderful flavor.
    Very nice …!!!!
    P.S. I really like the way your photos pop with this new blog. good job on the upgrade.
    ~~~ : -)

  2. MMMmmmmmm yum! Beautiful pics as always Marianne, and it makes me want to visit straight away. It’s going to feel like you have a stalker – everywhere you publish pics of, I go there a week later!

  3. How fun to travel along with your trip to the market! that old vine is amazing! This dried grapas, Pasas?, are equally so interesting. Not having had an oppty to travel out of the states, I so enjoy seeing the world through others!!

    • The internet is such a wonderful thing, isn´t it?

      I´m glad you enjoyed our trip to the Noche del Vino together 🙂

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, it is much appreciated.

  4. Wonderful displays they have going there! Now I want grapes…guess it’s off to the shop with me but alas, the supermarket, nothing as nice as what have going there.

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