This year’s Tomatina Festival at Buñol, Spain

La Tomatina Festival, SpainImage credit Flickr CC: agsaran


If you are thinking of heading to the village of Buñol, near Valencia, for this year’s tomato-throwing La Tomatina Festival, be warned that you now need a ticket to take part!

The annual festival, which takes place each year on the last Wednesday in August, has been attracting such huge crowds that a ticketing system has had to be introduced.  Only 20,000 tickets will be issued (40,000 people attended last year’s festival) at a cost of 10 euros each – creating a new “sauce” of income for the local council! 15,000 of the tickets will be made available to the general public, with the other 5,000 reserved for local residents. You can buy your tickets at this website (in English)

Happy throwing!

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46 thoughts on “This year’s Tomatina Festival at Buñol, Spain

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      • Marianne, when I read your questionI couldn’t help answer, because I love to find out about the origins of Spanish customs and fiestas I happen to have found out a little bit about La Tomatina. I had always though it must have originated as a fun way of using up old tomatoes which were too ripe to sell! Nothing so rustic! Apparently it all started in 1944 as a ‘protest’. A group of young lads had been banned by the Town Hall from participating in the traditional summer parade of the village of Buñol (I can’t find out why, exactly!). They began throwing tomatoes around as a protest to the councillers who had banned them from the parade and had such a good time, they decided to do it again the following year. The idea simply ‘caught on’ and now, ironically enough, it’s the Town Hall who encourages the whole thing! Not surprising as thousands of visitors swamp the town every year! The idea behind it then is a protest against authoritarian rule, the ‘establishment’ and such like!
        I hope you don’t mind such a long comment. I’m following all your articles with great interest!

        • OH really? Well, thanks for that information Marie – how interesting! Especially this year as the local council will profit out of the Festival to the tune of 200,000 euros!

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  7. “hahaha” – I think I will drop the tomato in my salad with garlic, mozzarella di bufala campana and use freshly grated cucumber instead… 🙂 🙂 😉

    Very well captured… 🙂

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