Try Before You Buy: Renting a house for a while

Once you have fallen in love with our beautiful area, east of Málaga, and the associated agreeable lifestyle, you may decide that this is a wonderful place to come to live.

There are many important things to consider though.

What will it be like to leave family and friends in another country?  Will the long-term reality compare to the holiday experience?  It isn’t summer all year, so what will the changing seasons be like?

Many other considerations may also arise, and the best way to discover the answers, with the least commitment, is to find the area that you think will suit you best, and rent a property for a period.

This will give you the chance to immerse yourself in the reality of living in another country.

One suggestion would be to rent for a full year, so you can see the effects of the passage of the seasons, with the changing weather. You will also get some idea of the Spanish fiestas and festivals, especially around Christmas and Easter time.

If you would prefer your rental period to be for only six months, perhaps you should try midwinter to midsummer, rather than over the summertime only.  This way you will still experience the changing weather.

Hopefully during this time of easing yourself into life in a new country, you will get a feel for how often you have the need to return to visit your family and friends.

Fortunately the combination of the proximity of Málaga airport and the ability to book flights on the internet,  will give good prices combined with an easy journey back to the UK.

Do you think it’s a good idea to rent before you buy, or do you have other ideas?

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2 thoughts on “Try Before You Buy: Renting a house for a while

  1. This reminds me so much when the all-white house in Jerez, Spain caught my attention. Good thing people don’t vandalize these kinds of places in Spain as much as anywhere else.

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