La Viñuela reservoir: Water levels

View across Lake Viñuela - Sept 2012

This webcam has a view over Lake Viñuela, which is a 15 minute drive inland from the coastal town of Torre del Mar, in the heart of the Axarquía region.   Situated 285m above sea level, the camera points in a general NNW direction, giving spectacular views across the lake towards the mountains beyond.

Lake Viñuela takes it’s name from the nearby white village of La Viñuela, close to the point where the Rivers Vélez, Guaro and Seco were dammed to create this spectacular man-made reservoir.  The reservoir has a capacity of 170 million cubic metres of water,  providing drinking water to thousands of homes in the area.   As the lake forms part of the local drinking supply, only non-motorized boats are permitted on the water, adding to the general tranquility of this beautiful region.

According to, La Viñuela reservoir (Embalse de La Viñuela) is currently full to 70 per cent capacity, which is 3 per cent less than this time last year, but 20 per cent more than the average for this time of year.  To be honest, when I saw it on Monday afternoon (17th September), it looked lower than that.

We have had a particularly hot summer this year, and the impending autumn thunderstorms will bring welcome relief for the parched ground.  The normal pattern would be that these first autumn rains arrive anywhere from mid September to early October.  Only time will tell.

Lake Viñuela - Sept 2012

Prior to the creation of the reservoir, extensive archaeological excavations were carried out, producing evidence of Neolithic and Roman settlements, demonstrating the longevity of this area’s historic legacy.

It is possible to almost circumnavigate the reservoir by road, and there are several picnic and barbeque areas along the route, all with spectacular views of the lake and mountains.

Where does your water come from?  Do you rely on town or reservoir water, or do you have an independent supply?

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