Ermita de la Candelaria, Colmenar

Last summer, I was invited by another expat blogger to join her for a walking tour around her adopted home village of Colmenar.

Set in the heart of the Montes de Mâlaga, a range of mountains close to Málaga city,  Colmenar gets it’s name from the Spanish word for the bee hives (las colmenas de abejas) that were the basis of the local economy for a long time.  Indeed, Colmenar boasts a museum dedicated entirely to honey (Casa Museo de la Miel),  although for some strange reason the museum was closed when we visited.

Ermita de la Candelaria, Colmenar, Spain

At the highest point of the village stands the Chapel of Our Lady of Candelaria.  The Virgin of Candelaria is the patron saint of Colmenar, as well as the Spanish-owned Canary Islands, and the chapel was built in gratitude for the lives of Canarian sailors spared during a fierce storm off the Málaga coast, during the 17th century.

Ermita de la Candelaria, Colmenar, Spain

This post is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

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