Torrox: Let me take you to Funky Town

Umbrellas in Torrox pueblo

You might not think of one of Andalucía’s famous white villages as being “FUNKY”, and neither did I, until yesterday morning when I went into Plaza de la Constitución in Torrox pueblo on an errand.


A passing plane as seen through the Torrox umbrellas

Shadows from the umbrellas in Torrox, Andalucia

There are hundreds of umbrellas, in six different colours, hanging from discreet wires all around the square.


To give much needed shade, as well as making the town (even more) attractive to visitors!

Amused by the Torrox umbrellas

Multi-coloured umbrellas in Torrox pueblo, Andalucia, Spain

They certain made ME smile 🙂

How cool/funky/quirky is this, huh?  Let me know what YOU think ….


50 thoughts on “Torrox: Let me take you to Funky Town

  1. I haven’t been to Torrox in the summer. Must be so fun to see those umbrellas. Here in Malaga they always have the toldos on calle Larios. I don’t remember that they ever put up anything to give shade in Canada. Must be too cold and not sunny enough there I guess haha.

  2. Fabulous picture and colours hope they will still be up when we arrive mid sept. Have never been to pueblo went to costa last sept as it was our first time to nerja so pueblo is on d list this time. We could do with millions of those umbrellas here in Ireland for all the rain we get☁☁☔☔love your site so interesting.

  3. How lovely! I suspect they’d have a different purpose here, Marianne 🙂 🙂
    Heading for Tavira next week to check whether sunshine still exists. I do exaggerate! It hasn’t been a bad English summer. Best wishes to you, hon.

  4. This is weird! Only yesterday I read another fellow blogger’ s entry and it also showed pictures of a street in Jerusalem decorated with umbrellas. Maybe it is the in-thing this summer. Expecting rain, perhaps? Beautiful!

  5. What a fantastic way to brighten things up and I imagine the movement in the breeze is quite good too. I’m not sure how protective they’ll be in the rain though if people move around, catching a drip down the back of ther neck is never pleasant.
    xxx Huge Hugs Marianne xxx

    • Hahaha … no I don’t think they will be any use in the rain, David! For me, their best use if to make people smile, but they also do afford at least SOME shade 🙂 Good to hear from you 🙂

  6. That’s brilliant , what a practical bit of decoration. We had breakfast there in June ( before the brollies) an amazing place to eat or drink and enjoy the buzz.

  7. I admire the people who went to the trouble of hanging the umbrellas up there. (We could do with some colourful funk here where I live.) Perhaps it looks so good because of the white buildings as a background!

    • You’re right – it was quite hot yesterday morning (even at 9am) and the platform that the guys were using to hang the umbrellas looked a bit shaky!!

      Blue skies and white buildings make most photos look inviting though.

      Thanks for taking the time to get in touch – much appreciated 🙂

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