PHEW! It’s sweltering in Spain, with record high temperatures

Weather forecast for this weekend in southern Spain

Spain has been gripped by a heatwave over the past week with record temperatures, and it looks as though the heat will continue over the next few days.

Last night we got home from seeing friends at almost midnight, and it was still 31C outside – so there was nothing for it, other than to jump into the pool to try to cool down!

Head for the beach

I guess it’s a perfect time to head to the beach.  See you there!

How do YOU deal with the heat during the night?


30 thoughts on “PHEW! It’s sweltering in Spain, with record high temperatures

  1. I remember the last time I was in Spain, it reached a temperature of 45 C. I just wilt in the heat, and that is way too hot for me. A cold shower before bed helps, but next time I go there, it will be in the spring or the fall.

  2. Pleased to hear that you do not get humidity as well. Here in Queensland I becomes like a sauna from about December through to March. Good idea jumping in the pool. What is your normal summer temps?

  3. Stay safe! It can be easy to get overheated without realizing it. I know other countries make fun of the USA for our obsession with air conditioning (we do go a little overboard). Everything has AC here–restaurants, movie theaters, stores, homes. Due to the humidity we experience on the East Coast, 85 degrees (about 29 Celsius) can feel like 95 degrees (35 Celsius). This weekend it’s supposed to hit 90 degrees (32 Celsius). It might be cooler outside but my apartment will still be hot–most older NYC apartments do not have central air so you must invest in individual AC units which I will be receiving shortly. I’m always a bit surprised how most Spanish homes and apartments don’t have AC due to how hot it can get. I was in France during the heat wave in 2003 when thousands of older people died because they were not equipped to deal with the heat. Hopefully that doesn’t happen this time around.

  4. I always say we aren’t equipped for the heat in the UK…….and then you sometimes get all suncreamed up etc and you reach your destination and it’s bloody freezing-ok I’m whingeing I know, but the unpredictability of British weather is one of the most annoying things about living here….would you like me to go on LOL!

    • LOL – I totally agree, Melanie. I can remember when I lived in north-west England – arranging a BBQ only a few days in advance, and having to have it in the garage because it was throwing it down!! Here, of course, I can plan a BBQ two months in advance, and I just KNOW it will be fine 🙂

  5. I’ve spent time in Thailand during their hot season… highs about 36-38 daily for 2 months. Pool in the day and a/c at night were rather necessary… do most not have a/c in Spain for sleeping? Is it fairly dry vs humid? I like the heat but hate humidity! Thanks for your posts….

    • It’s hotter than usual here, at the moment – but the pool and a/c are a godsend right now! It’s usually not humid (except for a little in August). Humidity is hard to deal with.

  6. I’m one of those lucky people who sleeps during the heat. I find its the cold which wakes me up.
    Unless of course, being one of “those” women at “that” age, the heat comes from within, then the odd power surge or two tends to wake me too. 🙂

    • OOHHH you ARE lucky! I’m OK in the cold (not that it gets really cold here, even in winter), snuggling under my duvet. Ah yes, the “power-surge from within” 😉

  7. Oooo, lucky you having a pool 🙂 It’s so hot here (42C) that even the ‘cold’ water runs warm out of the taps. I do love this weather though, it’s SUCH a treat after years of crap British summers!

  8. I can understand what you’re experiencing. Melbourne summers are like that a lot, 30’s to 40’s generally. We had one night a few years back where it was still 36C at midnight (Christmas eve to be exact)!
    Unfortunately for us the hot temps usually mean a fiercely hot wind from the interior of the country from time to time. Stepping outside is like walking into a blast furnace!
    Hot nights (and days) are a case of hiding away in a room and keeping the aircon going!
    A least you’ve got the Med nearby for a wonderful view and to cool off in.

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