Torre del Mar: The Sun has Got His Hat On!

We’ve had a lot of cloud and rain during the past week.  Fortunately, Mr. Sunshine is never too far away, so this morning when he popped through the clouds, I hot-footed it down to Torre del Mar for a walk along the promenade.  

Banana flower - Torre del Mar

There is a lovely paved promenade at Torre del Mar, with beautiful gardens running alongside, and I’d only been walking for a few minutes when I came across this stunning flower on a banana plant.

Isn’t it magnificent? 

Boat club - Torre del Mar

A little further on, as I approached the Sailing Club, I moved from the paved promenade onto the hard, compacted sandy path on the beach, for a better view of the many boats stored at the club.

(You can see the clouds still threatening, over the mountains in the distance and indeed, as I write this, the rain has returned).

Sandy path near the boat club, Torre del Mar

Known as the Sendero Litoral, this sandy path runs from the Rio Vélez delta to the port at Caleta de Vélez  – a distance of 3.4 kilometres, and is popular with walkers and joggers.

Sandy path near the boat club, Torre del Mar

Do YOU have a favourite place where you love to walk when you get the chance?



33 thoughts on “Torre del Mar: The Sun has Got His Hat On!

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  3. Well done for hot-footing down there for a bit of sun…Carpe the old Diem, I say! My favourite place for a stroll is a National Trust garden a few miles away. Very restful.

  4. It has been raining every morning when I Skype with my sister in the Lecrin Valley. I’m looking forward to your photos from Semana Santa and hope the sun does shine brightly by then! Warmest wishes for that.

  5. We are in Frigiliana – where is the nearest place to park and pick up this walk? Also, can you take s dog on the sandy walkway?

    • Mai – Just park on any of the streets near to the sea, anywhere between the port at Caleta through to the west side of Torre del Mar. All parking is free. Dogs are allowed on the paved promenade, but NOT on the beach or the Sendero Litoral.

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  7. I love to walk along the promenade at Roquetas de Mar, which is devided in a few sections, so at each section you can take a rest for a coffee and/or a tapa if you want. The walk is about 15,5 km long and start in Las Salinas and ends in the Paraja (nature reserve)
    Nice pictures though.

    • Hmmm … yes, there are plenty of places to stop for a drink here, too. The promenade itself continues through to Algarrobo …. so a nice long walk. It’s just the sandy path on the beach that’s 3.4 kms. Thanks for your comment, Paul – it’s always nice to hear about other areas of Spain.

  8. I have seen those ‘things’ on banana plants before but not opened into a flower, I was not sure what they were, so thank you for solving that one this morning, Marianne! x

  9. It has been cloudy and rainy here on the Costa Blanca as well. We managed to get a sunny break on Sunday and went to the Marina at Cabo Roig for a walk and a coffee. Your pictures are fabulous!!

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