One Trip EVERY Month Challenge: February

Vejer de la Frontera, Spain

I’ve a couple of trips to tell you about this month.   My February began in the delightful Andalucían town of Vejer de la Frontera, on the Costa de la Luz, where I was a guest at Annie B’s Spanish Kitchen.  Annie not only showed me around her home-town, where we feasted on delicious tapas, but she also took me to the fish market at the nearby town of Barbate, where we bought the delicious fresh ingredients we would use for our cooking weekend.

 I’ll be telling you all about Annie B’s fabulous Spanish kitchen in a separate post, later.

Border crossing from Spain to Gibraltar

My second trip was somewhere that many British expats take regular visits to.


Just three hours along the coast, it’s a popular outing to stock up on British goods and groceries we can’t always get hold of in Spain.  You know how we English love our cups of tea, so a trip to British supermarket, Morrison’s, can be a bit of a treat.

I’ve been to Gibraltar many times before, but I’ve always driven through the border on previous occasions.  This time, I was on a coach rather than in a private car, and as there was a bit of a queue of vehicles, some of us decided to hop-off the coach and walk across into Gibraltar.

No sooner have you crossed into the British Overseas Territory, you are faced with the following sign:

Airfield crossing sign, Gibraltar

Because  Gibraltar is so small (just over 6.5 square kilometres), and within that area is the famous 426m high Rock, space is at a premium.  This means that the peninsula’s runway is bisected by its busiest road, Winston Churchill Avenue.  Each time an aircraft wants to land or depart, barriers come down to prevent motor vehicles from crossing the airfield.  

As you can imagine,  it causes quite a spectacle …. and a queue!

Walking across the runway in Gibraltar

So there you have it – my contribution to the One Trip EVERY Month Challenge this month is two for the price of one!

One Trip EVERY Month Logo

If you’d like to join me, here’s how:

  • Each month, visit somewhere and then write about your trip or describe it using photographs – whichever suits you best.
  • Don´t forget to title and tag your entry ’One Trip EVERY Month Challenge’, and link back to this page.
  • Display the Challenge logo on your post or in your sidebar.

Are you ready to join me by taking ONE TRIP EVERY MONTH?  What are you waiting for?  



40 thoughts on “One Trip EVERY Month Challenge: February

  1. Visited Gibraltar last New Year while staying near Marbella, amazing views from the top of the rock and the monkeys are quite entertaining! Would have to agree though a day trip is long enough. Queues to drive back out were particularly bad then and it took us 2 hours….I won’t rush back!!

    • It’s a funny sort of place, Gibraltar. I always enjoy a day trip there (2-3 times a year), but I wouldn’t like to live there. You’re right about the queues, Susan – sometimes they are horrendous!

  2. That’s crazy that they have to stop the traffic in Gibraltar for the planes to land, sounding much like a railroad crossing! Sounds like you had two good trips in February! Can’t wait to hear about Annie’s.

  3. Looks as though you have had a great month Marianne, I have not made it anywhere this month, been to wet and wild !! Andalucia next week for three weeks and thanks to you the Number one visit will be the C.A.C in Malaga, can’t wait to see all that fantastic street art. 🙂 may even be tempted to post some pictures on my return ?

    • You need to wander around the streets immediately on your right as you come out of the CAC museum. Don’t forget to visit the Atarazanas municipal market nearby while you’re in Malaga. There’s great tapas to be had at either of the two bars in there.

      Have fun!

  4. How fantastic to be able to meet up a blogging friend. Hopefully this year in Chicago I will be able to met up with two of my blogging sisters. Beautiful post again – and not bad offering us two in one. Thanks for reminding me about mine Febr trip … to Stockholm. *smile

    • I LOVE meeting up with fellow bloggers!! I’m fortunate to have met up with people in New Zealand and Australia as well as in Spain.

      I’m sure you will have a great time 🙂

      • I’m sure I will have – met up a follow Swedish blogger last year … we had a great times together, but she are teacher, so not much time while school is on.

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  6. I was thrilled to see your mention of Vejer, since we will be there for 4 nights on our coming trip…. I followed the link to the lovely blog on Vejer, so we have more information now thank you Marianne. We had noticed how close Barbate was and wondered about fish :)… and birds. Great shots of Granada, I cant imagine a runway across a main road!

    • I think you will love Vejer, Christine. Go to visit Annie B’s Spanish kitchen if you get the chance …. you’ll love it!! You should also have a look at Cadiz and Jerez, while you are nearby. Both can be easily reached from Vejer.

      Did I say Granada airport?? Running off to check now because I meant Gibraltar!!

  7. Got my running shoes on for a quick sprint across the tarmac, Marianne 🙂
    There was a TV series recently on Gib and I’d recorded it out of curiosity. I always mean to visit but am never sure if I’d love/hate it. Watched the last couple of episodes last night, just so I could delete them, and they were queuing madly at the border due to the troubles with Spain. And celebrating Gib Day in September.

  8. I couldn’t help but wonder just what ex pats would visit Morrison’s for. A three hour drive, the chance of a close cropped haircut and all for a bottle of tomato sauce?What’s the thing you miss most?
    xxx Hugs Marianne xxx

    • This is one of Morrison’s busiest stores, David. Expats visit here for EVERYTHING!

      I only go once or twice a year (sometimes not at all for a couple of years), and often to take visitors to see the wild monkeys (NO, I don’t mean the tourists!!), or just for the joy of visiting another country.

      I don’t really miss anything, David, but I DO like my English teabags 🙂

    • Ah, but you can go to Morrisons anytime!

      Not sure I would recommend Gibraltar for a two week holiday, but it’s worth a day or two, Gilly.

      There are flights directly from the UK or, of course, you could come to Spain and take a trip like I did, walking across the border and the runway! 🙂

  9. Happy memories of a trip to Gibraltar Marianne and taking a photo outside Marks and Spencer’s !!! Yes I also remember crossing the airstrip with fingers crossed. Lovely to read your posts which bring back long forgotten happy memories. Give my love to beautiful Spain. Anna x

    • Well, I can tell you that Marks and Spencer’s is still there, Anna. Do you remember seeing the red public telephone boxes, and the policemen wearing their domed-helmets?

      Thanks for your lovely comment. It makes all the effort worthwhile 🙂

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