Ski-ing in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada, Spain

Sierra Nevada, SpainImage credit: Javier Martin (Wikipaedia CC)

The 2013-2014 winter season opens tomorrow, November 23rd, at the Sierra Nevada Ski Station in the province of Granada, Spain.

The Sierra Nevada (snowy mountain) is Europe’s most southerly and sunniest ski resort with more than 80% of sunny days each year.   There are more than 104 kilometres of trails, 116 ski runs and 22 ski lifts to ensure you enjoy the biggest snow park in Spain!

The lower end of the resort village, Pradollano, lies 2100 metres above sea level with the top station at 3300m.

The Sierra Nevada Ski Station also boasts the greatest skiable vertical drop in Spain at 1200 metres.  

The resort is situated 27 kilometres from the city of Granada and, with ski-ing available from late November to early May, it’s possible to enjoy ski-ing and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea (only 100 kilometres away) on the same day.  

Now there’s a challenge for you!

Where’s your favourite ski resort?


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28 thoughts on “Ski-ing in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada, Spain

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  2. Only been skiing in the state of Vermont (specifically Stowe, Okemo and Killington) and Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. There are some great mountains out west in Colorado and Utah I’d love to try as well.

  3. I was in my early 40s when I learnt to ski – not easy but very rewarding! Morzine is our usual base and from there we can get to Avoriaz which is very high and has good snow late into the season when we prefer to go. Enjoy your travels – Budapest is amazing. Try and have coffee and cake at the Boscolo New York Cafe – you won’t be disappointed 🙂

    • OOHHH how brave of you, Suzanne – well done!

      I’ve went to Budapest with a girlfriend a couple of years ago, so this time I’m taking my hubby. Looking forward to showing him around – including the New York Cafe! 🙂

    • In general, I don’t like the cold – but it’s not sloppy/wet/dark cold – it’s bright and crisp – plus, of course, within an hour and half I’m back home near the coast 🙂

  4. Are you a skier, Marianne? I’m horrible because of my fear of heights. The thought of barreling uncontrollably down a hill with long flat pieces of wood on my feet is just not something I enjoy! But it does look beautiful. I like the idea of sitting at the lodge with some hot spiced wine and just looking at the view. 🙂

    • No, I’m not a skier, Cathy. I think you have to start early in life – or you’ve missed the boat!

      However, I’ve been up to the resort a few times, and also onto one of the ski lifts to the first station for some great romps in the snow – including snowball fights!!

      It’s lovely sitting outside in the lounging chairs, all wrapped up enjoying the sunshine 🙂

      Only a 90 minute drive from my house, too!!

        • Oh how exciting! I’m so envious!! I’ve been wanting to go to Prague and Budapest for the longest time. I keep looking through guidebooks for both in the bookstore. I finally made myself put them away and bought one for Costa Rica; it only makes sense for me to confine my travels to the Americas as long as I’m here. I really look forward to seeing your pictures. 🙂

        • I’m sure you will love Costa Rica, Cathy. We called there on a cruise a few years ago!

          I’ve visited Budapest before, but during August, so it will be rather different in December!!

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