The World Through My Eyes: Seeing Red

Prickly pear cactus

As a result of this week’s WordPress system update, I couldn’t access the Dashboard of my blog for almost 24 hours.  

When finally I managed to log-in, I was preparing the draft of a post which was scheduled for yesterday (Friday) in which I would offer the followers of East of Málaga the chance to WIN 6 HANDWRITTEN POSTCARDS FROM SPAIN.

I pressed the “Preview” button and …. up popped a box to say that my draft had been posted!   GRRRR!

Strangely, the post didn’t appear on the blog, but that didn’t stop the message going out to followers via Notifications in the Reader, by email, on Facebook and Twitter.  Of course, this meant that when anyone clicked on the link to the post – they received the Error 404 message that the post could not be found!  

Sorry about that, folks.

Annoyingly, when yesterday came around and the scheduled post finally posted to the blog, NO NOTIFICATIONS were sent out by WordPress in the Reader, by email, on Facebook or Twitter!  

Technology, huh ….. SHEESH!!

I don’t want anyone to miss out on the chance to WIN just because WordPress screwed up – so if you didn’t receive the notification, please head over to yesterday’s post for your chance to WIN 6 HANDWRITTEN POSTCARDS FROM SPAIN – which is my way of saying a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has supported and followed my blog.

Always assuming that when I press “Publish” – you get notified about THIS POST, of course!

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66 thoughts on “The World Through My Eyes: Seeing Red

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    • From the comments, it seems that other people have also been having issues as well, Richard, so it’s good that at least yours is working fine.

      I suppose there will always be upgrades – it’s just that this last one caused/is causing more problems than usual.

  5. I love the prickly pear photo… I haven’t suffered too many WordPress issues but it hasn’t been itself, and so frustrating to waste time on something that should work 🙂

  6. Living here in China technology always has its bumps in the road, but doesn’t end my frustration, or something I enjoy getting used to. Something that should take 5 minutes becomes lost posts or work, jammed copiers, or a thinking wheel that never ends! Glad it all worked out… now I am going to try and post and hope it works! Fingers crossed.

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  11. Technology, who needs it? Hmm. Well…red is my favourite colour and prickly pears are fantastic.There is an old man in Xativa who sells them when they are in season from a bucket on the Alameda. He’s being doing it for at least 20 years…

    • Seems like it’s all back to normal now. Thank goodness. I love the new leaves as they appear – like the two in the top left of the photo – they are so green and vibrant 🙂

      Thanks for your comment, Amy. Always much appreciated.

  12. I can relate to your problem, my friends sometimes get the 404 message also, after I hit publish, and then when I go back to my own blog, the post doesn’t show up until I hit publish for the second or third time!. Hope WordPress can sort this, I feel if someone gets the 404 message, they may lose interest and not re-visit to read your post!

    • Exactly – that’s always a worry, isn’t it, Joan?

      A while ago I decided to “follow” my own blog so that if the email did, or didn’t, go out then at least I stood a chance of finding out, first-hand.

      At least if this is my only problem – I really have very little to worry about in the world, do I?

      Thanks for letting me know 🙂

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  14. Oddly enough (new follower) here my all worked as it should and only got the right one 🙂 but I do know that if I take too long to write/ edit a post (or leave it and come back) it often appears way down in the reader – saying its been published hours previously. As if there’s a time out on drafts 😦

    The cactus pic is wonderful btw.

    • It was worth it, to be able to show you the prickly pear fruit, Meredith – known as “chumbos” around these parts.

      And, OH BOY are they a prickly pain to get into!

  15. Still admiring the prickly pear, and seeing red, Marianne. 🙂
    I only use the Reader and know it often shortchanges me, but I usually find you in the end. Now, off I go to look for those postcards. 🙂

  16. What a stunning shot Marianne. Sorry to hear you had problems and hope they’re all sorted out now. Sadly it does happen. Have a great weekend hon and thanks for sharing. 😀 *big hugs*

    • We have so many of these Prickly pears on our land, Sophia – I call them “The Micky Mouse Cactus” 😉

      I think the problems are sorted now – thanks.

      Have a wonderful weekend – we are having a BBQ today!

      • They are just gorgeous Marianne and I love the name you chose for them. It suits them. 😀

        So glad to hear that hon and enjoy! 😀 *hugs*

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