6 thoughts on “Welcome to Spain, Amigos!

  1. I posted this on my blog a few months ago, it’s great isn’t it? I didn’t have to deal with the hassle of getting a NIE but my American roommate did. When she got it renewed, it took about 5 months for her to receive the new one so she had an expired one for quite awhile. She never got the letter they said she would receive notifying her of her new NIE. And when she left Spain to go to the US for Christmas, she had to go to the comisaria and stand in line for several hours to get a “permiso de regreso” form which would allow her to leave and enter the country–on top of that she had to pay a tasa for this permiso de regreso so technically she paid the Spanish government so she could leave. Add that to the fact she had to miss work to go to the comisaria and get a justificante for her absence…

    • Hilarious, isn´t it?

      It reminds me of various trips (with months in between) to the police station in Torre del Mar in an attempt to get my first Tarjeta de Extranjeros. It took just short of 18 months before I finally had it in my hand!

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