Photographs I love …. and why! [1]

This is just one of a series of photos I have taken, and will share with you over time, capturing the essence of living east of Málaga.   Each one, in it’s own unique way, reminds me of why I love living in southern Spain, and in particular the Axarquía.

Sea mist rolling up the valley from the Mediterranean Sea

This photograph was taken during Spring-time from my house in the countryside, looking down the valley towards the Mediterranean Sea.  Of course, the water isn’t visible as there is a thick sea mist rolling in.

On days when the mist rolls in, there is a constantly changing scene.  Sometimes the white-washed fincas on the opposite side of the valley can be clearly seen.  Other times the cloud completely surrounds the valley below our villa and obliterates our view of everything.

This is a magical time.  It’s as if we are the only people on Earth and the house becomes “our castle in the clouds!”

What’s your favourite photograph, and why?

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5 thoughts on “Photographs I love …. and why! [1]

  1. Goats, mules, oranges, lemons, limes, avocado…and the sun..all in a whitewashed, cobbled paved village !
    Can’t wait to get back.

  2. Plans are in the offing for a Spain trip and Malaga area in particular in early Spring 2016. Your photographs are making me even more excited! Greetings from the Philippines.

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