Phew – what a scorcher!

Our swimming pool

The thermometer over our front door (in the shade) has reached 36 Celcius today.   It´s still almost 30C at 10 o´clock at night – the sun has gone down behind the hillside and it will be dark within the next few minutes.

As well as making sure to have lots of cool drinks, we´ve spent quite a while in the pool this afternoon, cooling down.

One thing I love about hot, summer nights is the opportunity to have a swim after dark before hopping into bed.  I always make sure that there are no outside lights shining from the house and, because we live in the countryside, there is virtually no light pollution. 

It´s quite surreal floating about in the pool on your back on an airbed watching the stars twinkling overhead

Yeah, yeah … I know what you´re thinking – but somebody has to do it!

Sunset over the pool

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