22 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Andalucía: It will take your breath away!

  1. I have just returned to the UK after my first week in Nerja. I wanted to stay much longer and cant wait to come back. it is a beautiful place and I was sad to leave. The weather was lovely even though it is a cooler time of year there. Love the latest pictures too Marianne. We had a look around the area and a drive to some of the villages. Some very steep roads there. The property prices were high in places like El Capistrano village. It is a very well kept place so neat and clean and very pretty with all the gardens in flower. I loved the villa we stayed in and I spent a long time everyday looking at the view from the roof terrace, wonderful. Eileen

  2. Beautiful photo! We are coming to Spain from South Africa in May – flying into Madrid for a couple of days then down to Granada for a few days – flying out of Malaga to Majorca for a week then to Barcelona for a couple of days before coming home – would love some tips from you to make this trip extra special – Marie

  3. One of the things I sooo love about here in Andalucia is blossoming flowers, green grass and green leaves on trees all winter long! If you are from Canada the Land of Eternal Winter you know that February is only about the middle of winter haha. Snow a mile high, and you won’t see the ground not even a little patch of it until at least April. April 40th that is!

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