Bringing home their catch!

Fishermen returning to the harbour at Caleta de Vélez at sunrise

I love to get up early in the morning, drive down to the sea and watch the sun coming up over the mountains.

This is a photo I took at the harbour in Caleta de Velez, a couple of weeks ago, when the fishermen were returning home after their night’s work.


34 thoughts on “Bringing home their catch!

  1. So very beautiful Marianne. Love the soft hues and the glassy effect of the water.
    PS: Sorry to read about your mother’s illness. Hope she is better already. Take care.

  2. Just a quickie, Marianne. I always think of you on the 1st of the month and came to see your ‘theme’ and ask about Mum. You’re obviously taking time out. I hope that Mum is responding well to treatment. Hugs, darlin’.

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