26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: A Shady Terrace in Cómpeta

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    • No, Gemma – I got in there when I first arrived BEFORE lunchtime and just nipped out for the view!!

      Yes, that’s the village church in the centre of the village. It’s good to see the different view of it 🙂

  2. What a lovely view, Marianne ! We often go to Cómpeta because that’s where our ayuntamiento is. Can you tell me the name of the bar ? Thanks a lot ! And have a nice day !

    • Same for me, Caroline – even though we live in the campo, we come under the jurisdiction of Cómpeta, too.

      This is the terrace at Las Gemelas (The Twins) which is quite near to Plaza Vendimia as you walk towards the Guardia Civil office.

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