Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Sunset on the horizon in Alange, Extremadura

This is the gorgeous sunset view overlooking the reservoir at Alange in Extremadura, Spain.   What a perfect photo for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon –

I just had to share it!


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45 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

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  3. Love the colors of the sky. It reminds me of the inside of a seashell. The shapes and swirls of the clouds wonderfully resemble the same of the land water. Fantastic picture 🙂

    • We were staying over in the region of Extremadura (mid-western Spain) with another blogger who has now become a lovely friend in RL 🙂 The daytime view from their terrace was spectacular, but as the sun set – this was the result. I got different shots again in the early morning light.

      Glad you like the photo, EllaDee 🙂

    • I look a series of shots, from full daylight through to darkness – and again in the early morning light. Wonderful scenery.

      Thanks for your continued support, Amy – always very much appreciated.

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