Travel Theme: Flowers

Poinsettias in Spain around Christmastime

Despite being known in Spain as Flor de Pascua (Easter flower), thousands of Poinsettia plants adorn roadways and roundabouts here on the southern coast of Andalucía, around Christmas-time each year.

What you actually see are vivid red leaves (known as bracts) surrounding a cluster of greenish flowers, almost too small to be noticeable.  The true flowers are like little vases no larger than a pea, and on its side each has a yellow cup, a gland, brimming with glistening sticky nectar that, if you taste it, is as sweet as honey.

The plant is named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, an American diplomat and amateur botanist, who saw it growing in Mexico as a roadside weed and later introduced the first plant into the US in 1825.

This post is my response to the Travel Theme photo challenge – Flowers


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  2. Gorgeous photo, just love them, so jealous they can be planted and survive where you are. Here further inland (Jaén) they do plant them but they don´t survive long as they can´t withstand the cold.

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