Driving in Spain: Speed

Last month, new speed limits were introduced on roads throughout Spain in an attempt to cut fuel consumption after oil prices soared following unrest in the Middle East.   The maximum speed on motorways is now 110 kilometres (68 miles) per hour instead of 120 kph, with this restriction likely to remain in place until at least the end of June 2011.

However, many Spaniards believe the change is a ruse to raise funds through more speeding fines.

Talking of which, hundreds of drivers were caught during the first operational month of the “average speed” radar system installed in the tunnel on the A7 between Torrox and Nerja.

Cameras photograph all vehicles´ number plates when entering and exiting the tunnel and, if the average speed of the vehicle over the one kilometre distance is calculated to have exceeded 100kph, a fine of up to €600 is issued.   Offenders will also be given six points on their driving licences.

At the present time, the radar speed trap is only operating in the eastbound (Torrox to Nerja) tunnel.  There are no cameras in the westbound tunnel.

You have been warned!

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