According to this website: “Colour is a meaningful constant for sighted people and it’s a powerful psychological tool.  By using colour psychology, you can send a positive or negative message, encourage sales, calm a crowd, or make an athlete pump iron harder.”

Talking of sales, Henry Ford famously declared that the Model-T buyer could choose “any colour, so long as it’s black.”   Thank goodness that these days, consumers are more discerning!

Green  Black  Red  Orange  Yellow  Pink  Blue  Brown  Purple

This month I’m going to take you on a multi-coloured journey around the world.


Rainbow on the road to Doubtful Sound, New ZealandWe start off in Fiordland, on the South Island of New Zealand where we had an early start for our journey to Doubtful Sound.  A storm had been lashing the area overnight and, as I am a strictly fair-weather sailor, I was feeling rather nervous at this point.  However, my fears were soon calmed, because almost as soon as we were picked up from our hotel, the skies began to clear, the sun came out and we were rewarded with this most spectacular rainbow!

Multi coloured wishesYou can buy these multi-coloured ribbons in the main Prayer Hall at the Buddhist Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang, Malaysia.   All you have to do is write your prayers onto the ribbon and hang it on the prayer tree.

Cao Dai temple near Ho Chi Minh City, VietnamSixty miles northwest of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is the Great Temple,  the centre of the intriguing Cao Dai sect. Cao Dai is a Vietnamese religious movement that incorporates aspect of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and even Catholicism. The three principal colours of Cao Dai are yellow (for Buddhism), blue (for Taoism), and red (for Christianity), and these were evident during the noon ceremony, which I was fortunate enough to witness –  along with hundreds of tourists and worshippers alike.

Red Bridge, HanoiWe stayed in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam, close to Lake Hoan Kiem, where we visited the Temple of the Jade Mountain (Ngoc Son Temple) by walking over the wooden red-painted Huc Bridge with its colourful banners.

Flinders Street Station, MelbourneOn White Night (Saturday 23rd February 2013) the entrance to Flinders Street Railway Station, Melbourne, Australia was transformed into a concert stage, with the whole facade of the building bathed in glorious multi-coloured light.  It was magical!

Umbrella of many coloursFinally, back home to the Axarquía region of Spain, east of Málaga, and during our evening stroll along the promenade at Torre del Mar I spotted this delightful coloured sunshade.

This month´s CBBH Featured Blogs:

**  I always enjoy visiting Madhu at The Urge to Wander because like me, she has a passion for travel.  She posts the most exquisite photographs and tells us of places most of us can only dream about.  Her recent posts, The Frozen Smile of the Bayon and The Captivating Children of Cambodia were particular favourites of mine because only twelve months ago, I had the opportunity to see those enigmatic, smiling faces for myself – both the stone ones at Bayon and the enchanting children, nearby.  I’m sure you would enjoy reading all about her adventures.


** Cathy is A Nomad in the Land of Nizwa and describes herself as a pilgrim, a vagabond, and a wanderer who has discovered the art of living and working abroad, and is now hopelessly addicted.  As well as teaching English at the University of Nizwa in Oman, she is a prolific blogger – outlining previous travels in China, Korea, Turkey and Egypt as well as many other places.  I particularly enjoyed reading Cathy’s recent post about the tree-climbing goats she encountered on a walk she took with a friend. I’d love you to pop over and say hello.

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