CBBH Photo Challenge: Looking Up

I was recently looking through photograph albums from various places I have visited.  While scrolling through the photos, I noticed a common thread: many of them had been taken from a different perspective, and I had not even realised it as I was snapping away.

The photos that caught my eye were all taken whilst looking up.

Steps leading to the upper part of the village of Frigiliana

Here are the steps of a street leading up to the higher part of the white, mountain village of Frigiliana.  This lovely shot not only includes the perspective of the narrowing of the steps as they climb into the distance, and the sunshine and shadows playing on the impossibly white walls, but also, it´s a great record of the clear, blue Spanish skies.

A series of Moorish arches inside the Alhambra Palace, Granada

This stunning series of Islamic arches with their intricate designs decorate part of the Alhambra Palace, typifying the remains of Moorish dominion within Spain, which ushered in the last great period of Andalucían art in Granada.

Competa village church, at night, during the Feria 2012

La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (Church of Our Lady of the Assumption) in the main square of my home village of Cómpeta was beautifully lit against the clear, night sky, during the Fería last weekend.


This month´s Featured Blogs:

Islandmomma writes passionately about her adopted homeland on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands.  Linda and I have been online friends for many years, through our shared love of books and travel.  One of my favourite posts on Islandmomma´s blog is her huge photo journal of Tenerife page.  Be prepared to be fascinated by her many wonderful photographs.

Another Day in Paradise shares her travel stories from around the globe and is always quick to leave appropriate and supportive comments.  As well as her stunning travel photography, this orchid-loving Dessert Queen is always ready to tempt you away from your diet with her sweet variations.


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I´m looking forward to seeing your interpretations!