Bus Services: East of Málaga

Let´s face it, travelling on holidays can sometimes be a pain.   Visitors from nearby locations may decide to drive their own vehicles, but most visitors to the Costa del Sol tend to fly into Málaga airport.  Luckily there are numerous rental car agencies and bus systems to aid any of your transportation needs.

The city of Málaga, the capital of the province by the same name, is the hub of all mass transit systems in the area. Alsina Graells is the main bus company serving the eastern  Costa del Sol.  Their red, white and green buses run from Málaga city to the Andalucían capitals of Seville, Granada, and Córdoba, as well as serving the towns and villages of the Axarquía.  These buses are usually on time, with any occasional delays being caused by unusually heavy traffic on specific days during the year.

The Alsina Graells (ALSA) website is in English, and from here you can examine bus schedules and purchase tickets in advance of your trip.

Here are some Spanish words that might help you on your journey:

Al                                                      to

Billete                                               ticket

Comprar                                          to buy

Del                                                    from

Destino                                           destination

Diario                                              daily

Estación                                         station

Fecha                                              date

Horario                                           time

Ida y vuelta                                    return trip

Llegada                                          arrival

Origen                                           departure point

Precio                                            price


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