Fifty Shades of Grey: What´s going on?

The rain in Spain may fall mainly on the plains – but today it´s arrived east of Málaga!  I can´t remember when it last rained in July.

Anyway, I´m sure it wont rain for long and it´s great for the garden as well as the toad who came out to enjoy the unusually damp weather!

View down the valley in the gentle rain

Raindrops on the pool surface

View down the valley towards the Mediterranean Sea showing fifty shades of grey!

The terrace tiles are wet

View of the grey valley

This toad came out of hiding to enjoy the rain


It hardly ever rains here in the summer months.  The following posts are more typical of what to expect, east of Málaga:

Summer Breeze – makes me feel fine

Phew – what a scorcher!

East of Málaga: The Weather in Summer



13 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey: What´s going on?

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    • It´s stopped raining here now, but it´s still grey and damp. The good thing is that normal sunny weather will be resumed pretty soon – unlike some other places I could mention! 😉

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