Cost of Living Series

Shopping trolley in Lidl supermarket, Spain

Every year or so, I publish a list of the costs of grocery shopping and household expenses applicable to the area where I live, east of Málaga.

The Cost of Living Series will also include other articles related to the costs of living in Spain.

Click on the links below, to see the posts.

Cost of Living in Malaga, Spain: July 2015

Watching The Currency Market When Buying And Selling Spanish Property

Cost of Living in Spain:  February 2014

Cost of Living in Spain: August 2013

Cost of Living: East of Málaga, Spain – April 2013

Cost of Living: East of Málaga, Spain – November 2012

Cost of Living in Spain to rise from today with new IVA/VAT rate rise

Cost of Living: East of Málaga, Spain  –  August 2012

15 thoughts on “Cost of Living Series

  1. What wonderful pictures of Torrox, our winter home. I shall send them out to all my friends ( perhaps not, I want to keep this treasure to ourselves!)

    Roll on October!

    Anthea Waters

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  3. HI marianne love your blog on shopping prices in Mercadona I know you must be busy but is there any chance of an up-todate one.We are coming over in October for a long stay. Many thanks Mary and Stewart

  4. Excellent blog posts Marianne, I have lived here for 7 years and your account of living here and the associated costs is spot on. I have just followed your Facebook page and look forward to reading your future posts. I too am a keen (amateur) photographer. I would also like to shamelessly plug the website we just built with long term rental properties available in Competa (a townhouse and an apartment), you may here from someone who is looking for a long let. Best… Steve

  5. Very informative and useful with these articles about cost of living in Malaga. Me and my girlfriend are considering renting an apartment next year. Hopefully it wont just stay a dream, but reality.

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  7. Hola Cecetea,

    Nice to hear from you and your plan to move to Spain. There are private insurance companies in Spain as we have them here in the states like Blue Cross/Blue shield. I have to search my emails because I corresponded with a company and they gave me some potential quotes for my wife. I think most American insurance companies will not provide coverage outside the country. Interesting question is how will the Affordable Care Act impact this. Sanitas and BUPA are a couple you can begin with in Spain.

    I live in Vermont and we are moving toward a single payer system in the next year and I’m not sure how that will impact my wife’s insurance. Happy to discuss this with you more or other issues.

    All the best, y buena suerta


  8. Glad to be of help to you, Philip.

    Ah yes, healthcare. Both myself and my husband come under the Spanish health system, so I’m afraid I really don’t have any personal experience of private healthcare costs. I know there are sometimes advertisements in some local English language publications – so if you click on some of the links in this article I wrote a while ago – you might just find something to guide you.

    What a great place Ronda is – I love visiting there :)

    All the best to you and your wife for your move next year.

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